Labour of Love & Hate

An underground musical journey through Southeast Asia

This is a documentary photographic book about the driving spirits of the underground music scenes of metal, hardcore & punk in Southeast Asia, made by sibblings John & Lena Resborn. Layout and design by Robert Gyulavari, cover artwork design and illustrations by Dinan Art (Indonesia). Labour of Love & Hate is published by Bullseye (self-published) and distributed in Scandinavia by Dokument Press.

Southeast Asia: Nice beaches, great food, lavish temples and The Smile. And metal music.
 The book Labour of Love & Hate takes you behind the polished tourist facade – right into the intense concert, the excited after party and home to the family. You will meet the people behind the music for the first time, totally uncensored. They will tell you what it´s like to be a fan of metal and punk music today in Southeast Asia and what the music means to them.

During the past 30 years the Southeast Asian bands have gone from just playing covers by their Western idols, to producing and distributing their own music. Today it´s an organised and thriving music scene but due to both political and religious oppression and being considered as ” a demoralising of the youth” – it´s pushed away from the establishment. It becomes a tool, a weapon and a way for the young generation to revolt against everything they dislike in their society, and also finding their own identity. They fight for their passion and for free expression in music and creative arts everyday. This book is all about them and how they use their music to make a difference.

In the Western world today, extreme metal and punk music is no longer frowned upon; it´s everywhere – on the CD-shelfs in the gas station and it´s being aired prime time on TV. But the luxury of being a metalhead or punk rocker is not a given, not something taken for granted in regions like Southeast Asia. The gap between the ruling and the youngsters that grew up with MTV and the Internet is just huge and music like metal, hardcore and punk is considered as a ” demoralising of the youth”. But it´s through genres like these that the kids can make their voices heard. The music becomes their revolt, weapon and tool to find their own identity – this underground movement has just begun to spread across the New Asia.

The reader will for example meet headhunter descendants of headhunters on Borneo who play extra aggressive metal to honour their ancestors, islamists in Jakarta spreading Jihad through political grindcore, female goth metal vocalists performing live in their veil and fighting for feminism in a male-dominated scene, bands trying to preserve and re-awaken local old traditions and religions by implementing it with their modern metal and a re-incarnated indian viking who´s life is in debt to Scandinavian metal bands etc etc.
Enhance your reading and viewing experience of Labour of Love & Hate by playing the exclusive CD featuring 12 great bands,  giving you a soundtrack to your underground musical journey through Southeast Asia.

CD track-listing:

1) KARINDING ATTACK (Bandung, Indonesia) – Hampura Ma! – Promo Single
2) BURGERKILL (Bandung, Indonesia) – Age of Versus – Venomous
3) RUDRA (Singapore) – The Pathless Path to the Knowable Unknown
4) IN VEIN (Chiang Mai, Thailand) – In Vein Part II – Bloodbath Democracy
5) LOVE ME BUTCH (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) – Reconcile – This is the New Pop
6) BESIDE (Bandung, Indonesia) – New Colony – Promo Single
7) OUTRIGHT (Bandung, Indonesia) – Judgement – Promo Single
glasses8) ECCENTRIC TOILET (Bangkok, Thailand) – Nature War – Promo Single
9) FORGOTTEN (Bandung, Indonesia) – Laras Perlaya – Laras Perlaya
10) CARNIVORA (Bangkok, Thailand) – The Renegade – Asian Tribe
11) ETERNAL MADNESS (Bali, Indonesia) – The Truth of Imagination – Promo Single
12) JASAD (Bandung, Indonesia) – Kujang Rompang

More info about John & Lena Resborn and the project will follow …