LOLAH gets big distibution in The UK & World Wide!

Hell yeah!

We are proud to announce that Turnaround Publisher Services in The UK are now our distributor outside Scandinavia! Turnaround totally kicks ass and are one of the biggest distributors in the world so finally the book can be shipped anywhere – except for the dark side of the moon, we´re still working out a solution for our fans up there.

What else is new? Well LOLAH has been featured in The Independent, METAL HAMMER, ShortList and in the upcoming June issue of Bizarre Magazine – thats just awesome! We cant tell you how proud we are. This launch campaign in the UK turned out better than we could have ever expected. And if all goes as planned we´ll get even more press coverage during the summer – so keep an eye out in the english press/media :)

Next incredibly out of this world cool thing is that LOLAH will probably take an even bigger step very soon….. ever heard of the legendary metal US-publisher Bazillion Points? Well the guys over there wishes to publish their own US-version of Labour of Love & Hate sometimes early 2014!!! We´ll keep you posted as the process moves along, we´ll set up a new Crowdfunding campaign. In the upcoming June issue of Bizarre Mag it says that we already have a campaign on IndieGoGo and that you should help us fund the project now – unfortunately the campaign is not online yet so hold your money horses and wait until we release the beast for funding!